Writing a Perfect job Description

Thousands of technology and information technology jobs are posted on the internet every day. In such a competitive market, desirable job candidates can be tough to come by. One of the best ways to stand out from your competition and attract the talent you need is to draft a detailed, compelling job description. An effective job description will let candidates determine whether or not they’re qualified for a position, making it much more likely for employers to find that special talent. Read on to learn how to craft the perfect job description.

Include key details in your job description

A job description describes the type of work performed at a job, summarizing responsibilities, qualifications, and skills essential for the role. Start with a targeted and precise job title: this title can let people know immediately if this is the type of role they’re interested in. Include industry-standard titles such as “senior”, “operations officer”, or “IT director”. You may want to specify the position of the person(s) to whom the employee would report.

Consider adding the salary range and benefits package, if applicable. Adding a salary helps you stand out among the many employers that choose not to convey this information. This will ensure candidates who are looking for a different salary range or benefits package are less likely to apply, saving you time.

These sorts of details are important, but the tone is just as essential as the basic facts. Including your company’s mission is a great way to get to the heart of the role. The job description should also give the candidate an idea as to what the culture at the job would be like. Is the work fast-paced? Even somewhat stressful? Is the work more social or individual? You can also identify “soft” skills, like teamwork and problem solving, as well as personality traits that you envision for a successful hire. Again, this will help make sure only candidates that really want your position apply for it. The people reading your description are likely looking at multiple positions: let job seekers know what makes your job unique. Have fun with this part!

…But keep it concise

When crafting your job description, there is a danger in making it too detailed, especially when it comes to specific expectations of the candidate. While there is nothing wrong with having high expectations for your employees, having a colossal list of desired skills and qualifications can discourage quality applicants from applying. Are the skills you’ve listed absolutely vital to an employee’s day-to-day, or are these skills simply nice for them to have? Identify “must-have” vs “nice-to-have” skills and separate them accordingly. Highlighting only the essential education and skills also helps encourage a more diverse set of candidates to apply, which is great news for any employer.

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